Natural Cosmetics for Dry Hands

I Love the Wellness Mama website! She offers such lovely recipes for all sorts of ailments and beauty treatments all using natural ingredients, many of which you can grow yourself. As winter has landed so too has dryness on my hands so when I came across her latest blog on Google Plus  simply HAD to share it with you:

Gardeners Hand Salve
This particular salve contains many soothing herbs that help nourish dry skin and quickly heal any small cuts from gardening. It also leaves hands silky and soft, even if you aren’t a gardener. The dark green color of this salve comes from the many herbs that are infused into the oils and it has a delicious earthy and medicinal scent.
I prefer to make salves with dried herbs, as this reduces the chance of spoilage since no water is introduced to the oils from the leaves of the plants. Salves can also be made with essential oils, but I’ve found that this infused version is more effective and less likely to sting eyes if you accidentally rub them. It is also much less expensive than an essential oil version.
Any herbs can be used in this recipe, but I used these:

Read Wellness Mamas full blog here to find out how to make this wonderful salve!