How To Stay Cheerful This Christmas

Silly season has begun. You cannot turn left nor right without being bombarded audibly, visually and mentally with images of sparkly parties, beautiful women, fabulous clothes, hi tech kit, romantic breaks and general festive shenanigans! Which is all fine but what if, like many of us, your skint?
All this bombardment can get you down no matter how pragmatic you normally are about the ridiculousness of wanting material things that we don’t actually need.

So here are my top tips for staying upbeat and feeling happy this silly season!

Luxury Pampering for him and her!

One of my favourite luxuries is a bath in the daytime ( I guess this will be an extra luxurious thing to do now with the water charges) followed by a massage. This can be done very very cheaply yet feel just as wonderful as attending a beauty spa by doing the following:
(My partner and I take turns and try to do one each once a fortnight)

  • Layout a towel on your bed
  • Light a few nightlights to create an intimate relaxing atmosphere
  • If you have essential oils or a scented candle light one to give a relaxing scent
  • Prop up some pillows to make a head rest that your partner can rest his/her head on yet still breath!
  • Turn the heating on for 20 minutes beforehand
  • Using the free TuneIn App on your smartphone turn on Calm Radio ( or use any soundtrack/music you like)
  • Have some nice body oil ready – I make my own body oil which is quite cheap (as you get lots to last a very long time and can use the ingredients for other things too) using almond oil, essential oils (jasmine and ylang ylang) and coconut oil.  This smells delicious and feels great on the skin nourishing it and not greasy at all.See recipe link below.
  • Massage away 😉

Clear Your Mind 

  • Yes I know, It’s winter but to be fair it has been exceptionally mild to date – regardless of the weather wrap up and get out for at least a half hour every day.
  • I realise many people have to travel to work and back and don’t have the choice to get out in the daytime so instead make a point of visiting a mate in the evening ( walk round to them if in a lit up area eg city) or head to a local community area together – eg Sports grounds and go for a brisk walk whilst you chat.
  • Alternatively get some exercise by cleaning the house in time for Christmas- two birds with one stone! – Break the tasks into small ones so you don’t feel overwhelmed!
  • Concentrating on a specific task like cleaning or baking is great for letting your mind wander and chilling out.
  • PLAY MUSIC – music makes you feel good, it lifts our spirits and sing along – let it all out!
  • Telephone a friend and have a good old chinwag!

Eat Well and Stay Healthy

  • Forget detoxes, weight loss and diets.
  • Focus instead on eating well even it if is as small a step as alternating one meal a day – for example the Happy Pear boys have a new cookbook out full of super recipes ( now this I would like for Christmas!) including lot’s of healthy but yummy brekkies – I would consider this an investment in feeling good!
  • One thing I noticed on my recent Ecotour was the energy that the people I met had, all of them fitting so much into a day. I also noticed that they all had one thing in common, they ate healthily and as I was usually eating with them so was I. I now love aubergines, pumpkin seeds & honey muesli although I am still pretty crap at knowing what to buy etc!
  • Ultimately drink more water – that alone will make you feel so much better.

Make It Personal

  • Making Christmas presents is not just to save money – it is very enjoyable and you’re teaching yourself a new skill too. YouTube has loads of great footage for making all sorts of things that make great gifts. How about natural cosmetics that feel great, cost less than expensive creams and can be tailored to suit specific tastes?
  • For example this year I have made rosehip oil (for younger looking skin) the method for which I got here:
  •  I have made my body oil from the following ( and altering slightly – leave out the beeswax for an oil) website
  • Another one I am planning to make is lip balm from this website here:
  • Chutneys and Sloe Gin also make great presents.
  • If you can sew and someone you know likes cooking then try making them a bespoke apron!

Buy the Gift, Not The Price Tag

  • Most of us still like to buy a gift for those we love and there is nothing wrong with that but try to put some thought into it.
  • Whether your shopping online or offline you will be bombarded with suggestions, offers and adverts so first think about the person you’re buying a gift for. What do they really enjoy doing. Is there something they need that they don’t have or have expressed a want for? It doesn’t have to cost the earth – literally!!
  • Be aware that your being targeted – step back, close your eyes and breathe – do they really need that dress/bag/gadget? Is it worth getting yourself into debt? Don’t you think your loved ones would prefer to see you happy and well over Christmas and spend time with you – if not, are they worth it?

So To Summarise:

  • Listen to music and SING
  • Chat with friends – make time to call them or pop round
  • See what you can make as gifts
  • Drink Water
  • Go for a walk or clean the house
  • Don’t be a target- avoid getting into debt
  • Be yourself and spend time with those you love.

Happy Christmas 😉

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