I am planning a rain friendly Yoga Zone for my garden beside the frog pond. It’s pretty exciting and I love discovering ideas on Pinterest. I have a carpenter coming around this evening to have a look and give me an estimate to build it.

Yoga Platform Idea
Img taken from Pinterest Outdoor Serving Bar Ideas ArchitectureArtDesigns

I love the look of this one above and the slanted roof for rain (aka Ireland!). Obviously I would have to add some sort of walls and allow a space for the stove flue to go out the side. I recently had a go of a Yoga trapeze swing and it was super! So I am thinking to add a bar for same too. This design allows for plenty of room!

As I live in Ireland mine may include an indoor stove . I found these small stoves that are apparently perfect for Shepherds huts and Bell tents so I may invest in something like this Pipsqueak Mini Wood Burning Bell Tent Stove!

Has anyone here created an outdoor Yoga platform in their garden? Any tips are welcome.. To stay updated and get ideas why not follow my Pinterest Board here >>