2 days wild camping

wild camping irelandCanoe trip lined up for next week, Friday 5th September – Only €90pp

Get back to basics with Frank and the team with our: “Into the wild” survival and canoeing trips

  • Survival in an unexpected emergency?
  • Caught out in a storm and in need of shelter?
  • Hot and dehydrated but can’t drink the river water?
  • Cold and wet and need to start a fire but don’t have any matches?
  • Identifying editable plants on the side of the road?
  • Can I eat that wild mushroom, plant, flower, tree and bush? Flora and fauna
  • How do I read an ordinance survey map and plan a route?

wild camping irelanThese are some of the questions we get asked at our survival camps and canoe trips. To be able to answer these kinds of questions is not good enough; we SHOW you how they are done in an enjoyable atmosphere that is what “Into the wild” is about!!

Starting with the basic boat handling skills allowing you to transverse water ways (and rapids for the braver of you), bring your entire trips supplies and go “Off the Grid” for days at a time and hopefully not meet another living person for the entire time. (Do-able, trust me)

“Knowledge weighs nothing, but lasts a lifetime”

wild camping irelanWe try to teach the ways of our fore fathers, they didn’t always have matches or fire lighter’s, they used flint & steel with fungus from fallen trees to start their fires. They didn’t have super markets in which to sustain themselves, they trapped their own food, caught their fish, killed their livestock and snared wild rabbits.

All of these things are missing in our daily lives and WE at “Into the wild” are trying to re-ignite the passion and the lost skills that we all take for granted.

Join us and change to way you look at life —- for the better.

  • 90 euro PP for 2 days canoe & equipment use..

There is no WiFi on the River’s and in the forest with “Into TheWild,” But I promise you a better connection

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