Holy (Moiled) Cow! Lough Bishop House, WestMeath

I am discovering that despite my long term belief that I am great at directions my sat nav (Grace), whilst useful is not to be relied upon! Or perhaps I should clarify – the broadband signal that ensures she tells me each turn to take can drop suddenly, thereby resulting in a never ending circular trip.

Thankfully we still have the art of conversation to fall back on so when I was approximately 1.5 minutes away from Lough Bishop House but somehow missing it for the second time, I rang Christopher who gave the the final required step.

It turns out that the broadband had dropped at a ‘Turn Left’ step and thus the confusion.

Lough Bishop House : Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast in Westmeath

Lough Bishop House is a welcoming farmhouse BandB located in Westmeath and run by Husband and Wife team Christopher and Helen Kelly.
A working Organic Farm, Lough Bishop House attracts clientele from all over the world looking for a bit of peace and quiet and to experience a working farm holiday break. They produce their own honey, make freshly pressed Apple juice and serve freshly laid BLUE hen eggs enjoyed by the delighted guests as part of their breakfast menu. For the fowl lovers amongst you the blue eggs are laid by their Aracauna and Cream Legbar hens. I can also vouch for Helens’ freshly baked bread smothered in their delicious honey!

But that’s not all to  be that’s to be enjoyed at Lough Bishop House.
I had the unique pleasure of a off-road quadbike trip with Christopher driving and myself and Helen sitting like the ladies we are in the trailer behind along with her very cute dogs who joined us! We were taken around the farm where we met their Derrynagarra Irish Moiled Cattle, one of whom has since delivered a baby calf!

 This is especially good news as the Irish Moiled is still on the Rare Breeds Survival Trusts’ (RBST) Risk Watchlist.

The Irish Moiled is the rarest of the surviving domestic livestock native to Northern Ireland. They are a hornless (polled) breed that will produce hornless young when mixed with other breeds. This prevents the need to remove horns at all, a common requirement in commercial farming.

Helen has a huge passion for horses and breeds Irish Draught Horses, one of whom was also in foal at the time of our visit. The Irish Draught Horse developed as a working horse on Irish farms and is native to Ireland. After our spin around the farm I headed upstairs to my tastefully decorated room with lots of interesting art paintings to admire en route!
Whilst I very much enjoyed my Shepherds Hut experience at Rock Farm Slane yesterday the knowledge that there were other people in the same building as me tonight was comforting! Helen and Christopher invited me to join them for dinner which I happily did and the food was delicious as much of it was sourced directly from the garden. We had a good laugh as we chatted about eco tourism, the internet, and Ireland in general.

As a farm holiday or simply a break away from the normal hustle and bustle of city life I can highly recommend Lough Bishop House Bed and Breakfast with such welcoming hosts Christopher and Helen Kelly in beautiful surroundings.
Lough Bishop House will be hosting some exciting new events over the coming months so do keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates!

For contact details and social media links to Lough Bishop House Click Here >>

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