Last year I spoke with Aoife O’ Donovan who was writing a thesis on ecotourism and its effects on creating environmental policy

She was looking for contacts to interview so I passed on details of a few people. Here (finally- sorry for the delay Aoife) is an excerpt from her finalised work:
Ecotourism Thesis by Aoife O’ Donovan
This project was submitted to University College Dublin in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MSc. Environmental Policy – Aoife O’ Donovan

While the complexity of the conflict between tourism development and economic growth offers no perfect solution, it is worth noting that ecotourism is becoming more and more of a reality.
It is considerably difficult to say anything negative about ecotourism. The literature had mixed reviews some authors seeing it as the golden opportunity within the tourism sector and others considering it a policy failure.
However, from the interview findings the former appears to be more accurate. Ecotourism promotes sustainability, conscious ‘green’ thought, environmental ethics and local support.
What became very clear throughout the interviewing process there is an overwhelming level of support within the ecotourism sector in Ireland. At all times environmental protection is their priority, meaning that it is possible to allow the ecotourism industry to grow, safe in the knowledge that those working in the industry will halt growth if the environment can no longer facilitate that level of visitors.
To summarise, ecotourism may not be a perfect industry or the only solution to the wider conflict but it is an excellent way to promote sustainability into the future.
Read the full document here:
Ecotourism Thesis by Aoife O’ Donovan
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